Primarily, Dativery works directly with APIs of third-party applications, because it is always better to work with the newest version of data. However, there are several limitations to this approach.

  • Applications can have limited APIs
  • Applications can have limits for the number of API queries
  • You need to use advanced queries – queries across multiple applications

Therefore, Dativery implements a cache where data are saved once and used by Dativery without limitations.

When the cache is used

Dativery uses the cache in all scenarios, where it is necessary. You will be notified during applying the particular scenario or application that the process requires the cache. After confirming the notification, the scenario applies caching automatically.

Caching can take some time according to the data size.


The cache gives you more power for data therefore, you need to subscribe Dativery Premium to use it.

How often are data refreshed in the cache

Dativery fetches data from applications every 6 hours into the cache.

Where is the difference between Dativery Online and Dativery Cache

Online Cache
Valid data every single moment Updated every 6 hours
Slower operations over data Faster operations over data
Cheaper More expensive