Dativery shows data from CRM, help desks, emails, public sources, social networks, and many others directly in your applications.

When you integrate two applications through Dativery, you can see data from one application in the other one. For example, Dativery panel displays data from social network directly in your email application.

You can also integrate more applications together and display data from more social networks in your email client and CRM.

You can connect all the data you have to one usable complex information about your customers or leads.

As an example, let’s describe Gmail or Microsoft Outlook integration: If you get an email from unknown people, you can see a name or a company where they work in the Dativery panel directly in your email client.

Dativery is a cloud service. You only need to create an account, log in to Dativery, and append data to your favorite applications.

Dativery can offer you several pre-prepared integrations and scenarios and you can test and use them immediately. You can also suggest your own scenarios and integrations based on your IT environment. All integrations depend only on APIs of your favorite applications.