Dativery is open for developers.

There are various way how to integrate Dativery in your application.
To allow integration, you must follow these steps:

  • create data model and map it to your data. Model describe which data in your application and maps them to our generic meta model. You can also use generic meta model directly without mapping.
  • describe API. API is needed to fetch data from your application. If you use JS API with direct data providing, you can skip this step (not recommended).
  • integrate in to your application. This will allow to use Dativery directly in UI of your application. You can use this API:
    • Browser extension – this is usually used in non cooperating applications,
    • Embed Iframe API – easist way to integrate without browser extension,
    • JS API – best integration including single sign-on

JSONPath used for field matching. You can also use simple expression language.