People wonder what is the difference between Dativery and Zapier. Dativery integrates applications just like Zapier. The problem is that integrations have many forms. Zapier handles workflow automation, which means that web applications are connected with events while Dativery enhances web applications with data from your other applications and public or social media databases. For example:

  • Customer’s unpaid invoices whose email you are reading in your email client
  • Customer’s open support tickets
  • Last communication with an existing customer and who communicated with them

Dativery interconnects web application data to have them at your fingertips in a Dativery add on created directly in your web application. You can use data immediately without the even single mouse click.

Dativery also works as an adapter for corporate software and allows developers to load object data from many different applications without separate maintenance of each of your applications. Developers only create their code and Dativery ensures collaboration with a whole range of applications.

Technical background: Dativery uses a browser extension for including a plugin to web applications, where you can see relevant data obtained from other applications or other data sources through API.

Web applications also can support Dativery directly. Then, usage of extension is not necessary.

Even if you use the Dativery browser extension, implementation changes of applications do not cause problems with collaboration.