Dativery provides addons that can connect your applications and improve their functionality.


Alex Smith

Firma s.r.o. CEO

Dativery can be used with various applications. Dativery can support wide list of applications either by a specialized plugin or by a browser extension. Developers can attach your own applications using our Addon API. We can also add support for almost every web application with API.

Public data

See relevant information from various public sources like social networks, government registers or public databases.

Data from your own applications

Dativery can show you relevant information from your company applications. Sales information from CRM, Invoices from Billing,
or Issues from Helpdesk.


Invoicing data in CRM


Helpdesk issues in Email


Unified communication hub in CRM


CRM information in helpdesk

Caching of data

Dativery by default read data from your applications only when you visit entry and searches other for relevant information. After that all data are deleted.

You can also activate caching. This allows to obey limits of target API or to allow advanced querying.

Advanced querying

Thanks to caching Dativery can make advanced queries of your data. It can query across applications, show more relevant information, or aggregate statistics.