Integration of Eshop-rychle and POHODA

Automatic transfer of orders and products, including stock status.

  • from CZK 470 according to order number
  • Installation and configuration by a Dativery employee (more info): €815.95
Privacy: Your authentication info needed.

It connects orders, products and product stocks in the e-shop of the Eshop-rychle platform and the POHODA accounting system.

What the bridge will automatically provide for you:

  • transfer of products and information about them from Eshop-rychle to POHODA,
  • transfer of orders from Eshop-rychle to POHODA,
  • reservation of goods in POHODA according to orders,
  • transfer of stock status from POHODA to Eshop-rychle.

Frequency of data transfers:

  • orders are transmitted every 15 minutes,
  • products are transferred once a day at night,
  • stock status is transferred after each order transfer or every hour.

The bridge can also be used for multiple e-shops or their language mutations connected to one invoiced company.

Integration transmits all new sales orders to POHODA, but all subsequent changes of sales orders have to be applied to order in POHODA accounting.

A Dativery connection to accounting software Stormware POHODA is realized by application Dativery Agent.

Connected Applications and Services

Scenario Type: Integration of e-shop and accounting
Developer: Dativery s.r.o.