VÚB Banka
ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee

Import of payments from VÚB Banka to ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee by email

Import statements of payments sent by email from VÚB Banka to ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee.

  • Price €9.95 / month (another €1.95 / month)
  • Installation and configuration by a Dativery employee (more info): €79.95
  • Installation and configuration by the user (more info): €0
Privacy: Your authentication info needed.
An import of payments from the statements sent by VÚB Banka by an email notifications to the ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee accounting application.

Possibility to pair an incoming payments to an issued invoices or to pair outgoing payments to received payments is provided.

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Scenario Type: Import of payments by email to accounting
Developer: Dativery s.r.o.