ČSOB Business Connector

Transfer of payment info from ČSOB Business Connector to iÚčto

Automatic statement download from ČSOB Business Connector to iÚčto.

  • Price €9.95 / month (another €1.95 / month)
  • Installation and configuration by a Dativery employee (more info): €79.95
  • Installation and configuration by the user (more info): €0
Privacy: Your authentication info needed.

Automatic download of the bank statements from ČSOB Business Connector and import of payments to iÚčto.

Notice: ČSOB provides data on transactions through statements of account movements. Statements are created only after closing transactions in the bank for the entire past calendar day, the operation takes place in the hours after midnight. This procedure makes it impossible to obtain information about transactions made today, only transactions made in previous days can be transferred. Dativery connects to the bank every hour to get the statements as soon as possible.

Warning: ČSOB starts creating statements from the day you activate this service, it does not create them for previous days. In addition, the created statements are only available for 14 days. If you need to transfer older payments than the available statements offer, download the payment statement for the required period in XML format and send it as an attachment to the flow email address (found at the bottom of the specific transfer page).

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Scenario Type: Transfer of payment info from bank to accounting
Developer: Dativery s.r.o.