Module Company search finds a particular company based on partial information. The module searches, for example, according to email addresses even if the address is not included in your CRM.

Keeping consistency complicates:

  • different data structure
  • differences in records and their incompleteness

While economy software usually uses complete information about customers directly from a register, people from technical support write down names of companies as they heard it during phone calls and then type it to their helpdesk systems without other details. Connecting these profiles is not reliable. Even if the CRM records include all email addresses, the next sender can be a new employee and the system cannot match the records.

The Company search module combines available data sources during searching and links records. Therefore, Dativery delivers more accurate results. For example, Dativery can find a company for a new, completely unknown email address.


You get an email from a contact person with an address and before your answer, you would like to know whole communication with the Dativery company.

The Company search module:

  • makes a query to your CRM, if the address is joined to a particular company or person
  • makes a query to other applications joined to Dativery
  • goes through social media (FullContact) and if there is a user with the same address, get names of companies for which the contact works
  • makes a query to your CRM, if this address is
  • tries to find company names gathered from other sources in your CRM
  • compares gathered company names with public company databases and complete records with the number of employees, seat address, annual turnover and many others

Then Company search merges all gathered records and displays relevant and coherent information including links to your CRM.

This example was easy because of the domain name included in the email address. The Company search module finds the company also for email addresses such as

Using the Company search module in scenarios

Dativery applies the Company search module automatically in many integration scenarios. During applying the scenario, you can define in which applications Dativery uses the module.

The Company search module works in the same way as a connected application. You can apply the module, remove it or change the settings. For example, select which applications applied in Dativery use the Company search module:

  1. Go to Applications.
  2. Click the Company search icon.
  3. Connect/Disconnect Company search.


Adding/removing application to/from the Company search module

To change the Company search usage:

  1. In Dativery, go to Applications.
  2. Click the Company search icon.
  3. (skip when connected) Click Connect.
  4. (skip when connected) Click Start using Company Search.
  5. Select/unselect desired applications.
  6. Click Save.

From now on, selected applications connected to Dativery uses the Company search.