Dativery uses own simple expression language in a structure ${expression}.

+ - / * Operators 'a' + 'b'
urlencode(string) Convert string to be safely used in URL urlencode('a&b&c')
array(array1, array2, ...) Convert all arguments to single arrays (supports multiple values). array('1', '2')
base64(string) Convert string to base64 base64('value')
trim(string) Remove white spaces from beginning and or end. trim(' a ')
join(array, separator, prefix, suffix) Joins array and adds separator, prefix and suffix in a form of prefix field1 suffix separator prefix field2 suffix. join(array, ', ')
removeSpaces(string) Removes all white spaces even from middle of the string. removeSpaces(' a b ')
coalesce(value1, value2, value3) Returns first non empty argument. coalesce('', 'value')
unique(array) Returns only unique values from array
hash_hmac(hashType, content, key, keyEncoding) Creates HMAC hash returned as HEX. hash_hmac('sha256', salt, secret_key)
hash(hashType, content) Creates hash. Example: hash('md5', 'value'). hash('sha1', requestUrl)
addslashes(string) Adds single slash. addslashes(value)