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Mark possible orders to expedite in ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee

Correct evaluation of shippable orders according to warehouse status.

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The plugin automatically identifies orders for immediate shipping based on stock availability, speeding up the shipping process and minimizing errors. It resolves conflicts with limited availability of goods and effectively manages dispatchability without reservations. It is ideal for e-shops, manufacturers, B2B sellers and companies with variable stock availability. It integrates with external systems and supports partial shipping and order prioritization. Its functions improve customer service and optimize warehouse operations.

Solution for…

  • Automatic marking of shippable orders
    The add-on analyzes the stock availability of ordered goods and automatically marks orders that are complete and can be shipped immediately. It respects the order of orders and allocates available goods for specific orders (one item is not allocated to multiple orders). This speeds up the shipping process and minimizes the possibility of errors.
  • Marking of orders suitable for partial shipment
    The add-on works with the plugin for manually marking orders for partial shipment and determines how many items from the order can be shipped, for example 2 out of 4 items.
  • Conflict resolution
    If you only have a limited amount of goods in stock, for example only one piece for two orders, the tool will ensure that only the first order is marked as viable.
  • Priority orders
    Certain orders can be prioritized based on labels.
  • Dispatchability management without reservations
    The system is able to effectively manage dispatchability even for orders that do not have prior reservations, which is especially useful for large B2B orders.
  • Marking of orders for later dispatch
    Allows you to mark orders that should not hold a reservation (e.g. unpaid orders) or, on the contrary, should hold a reservation (e.g. at the client’s request).

Typical users

Marking feasible orders is beneficial for companies that ship goods from the warehouse:

  • E-shops: Enables fast and efficient shipping of orders, which increases customer satisfaction.
  • Manufacturers: Assists with inventory management and shipment of finished products.
  • B2B sellers: Ensures that even large orders are shipped efficiently and without delays.
  • Companies selling goods that are not always in stock: Optimizes the process of dispatching goods that are often on the way from suppliers.

The plugin can be integrated with external warehouse systems and warehouse status from ABRA Flexi.

Running order evaluation can occur periodically every hour or based on invocation or coordination with other processes.

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Scenario Type: Mark possible orders to expedite in ABRA Flexi
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