ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee

Automatic invoices ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee for ecommerce

Generates proforma invoices, final invoices and credit memos for orders.

  • Price €39.95 / month
  • Installation and configuration by a Dativery employee (more info): €479.95
  • Installation and configuration by the user (more info): €115.95
Privacy: Your authentication info needed.

Automates billing for e-commerce sales orders.

What it implements:

  • Issue advance invoices (for matching).
  • Send invoices to clients if this is a transfer.
  • If the deposit is paid, mark the sales order as paid.
  • Can generate a final invoice after the invoice is delivered or sent.
  • For cash-on-delivery can generate a final invoice straight away.
  • Can work with ZDD.
  • If the final invoice is not issued within 14 days of payment, it will be issued automatically.
  • Deletes down payment documents for canceled orders.
  • Updates the generated backups if the order changes.
  • Can resolve the situation if the final invoice has an amount other than the deposit (the order will change).
  • It will be able to generate credits in the future.

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Scenario Type: Automatic invoices ABRA Flexi for ecommerce
Developer: Dativery s.r.o.