Manual re-invoicing in FlexiBee

A simple tool for re-invoicing received invoices into issued invoices.

Easily create a received invoice from an invoice. In the FlexiBee on the invoice detail received, the “Invoice” button is displayed. Press to enter:

  • Company code – the company to which the invoice should be created. If left blank, the document will be without a business. This can be added later.
  • Date of issue – the date of issue of the new document. The default is the date the invoice was received.
  • Ignore Document Discount – Whether to pass any discount on the document
  • Margin – how many percent raise the resulting amount.
  • Add to price list (code) replaces the price list link for the generated invoice.

In the flow settings, you can set default values for:

  • Document Type
  • Business code
  • Margins
  • Follow the price list (code)

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