Process automatization in upgates

Automatic execution of processes over orders.

It supports the following actions:

  • Add internal note
  • Delete document
  • Add meta
  • Change order status
  • Mark as paid (and generate an invoice)
  • Mark as solved

Supported conditions:

  • Order statuses
  • Customer Name
  • Country
  • Customer note
  • Form of transport
  • Age of the document (minutes)
  • Internal Note
  • Invoiced
  • Language
  • OSS
  • Paid
  • Form of payment
  • Order price
  • Price list
  • Resolved
  • Total weight
  • VAT payer

Common automations that can be addressed:

  • Automatically issue an invoice for cash on delivery orders
  • Automatically mark as checked orders up to CZK 5,000 without a note
  • After 14 days, cancel orders by transfer that have not been paid

Connected Applications and Services

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