Mobilní skladník pro sklad

Mobile warehouse for better work with the warehouse in sklad.

The Mobilní skladník connects to your existing warehouse system sklad and clearly displays its tasks to the warehouse operator. It supports common warehouse operations – receipt, issue, transfer between warehouses and can also manage your inventories. Operations can be performed according to a predefined document or it is possible to create a document directly while browsing the warehouse together with the customer. Everything simply, effectively.

The can also work offline, allowing you to quickly find details about goods even without a network connection.

The Mobilní skladník works on all devices with the Android operating system. For a trial run or a small establishment, a regular Android mobile phone is sufficient. For convenient operation, we recommend using a specialized device (e.g. Zebra T20), or you can add an external barcode reader to your mobile phone.

Recommended devices:

You can switch between devices or combine them at will. The Mobilní skladník ensures that the data on all devices is always up-to-date.

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