CreditCheck in Clevertim

See company's credibility using CreditCheck directly in Clevertim.

Privacy: Your authentication info needed.
Requires Premium Plan.
View the status of Semaphore from the Czech company database CreditCheck directly by company’s record in Clevertim. Using three traffic light colors the CreditCheck indicator highlights the presence of information about the company, which may have a negative impact on its credibility. In the case of green color no alarming information has been found, the orange warns about the information that is appropriate for scrutiny and the red color for the information that needs to be checked.

The CreditCheck Semaphore will alert you about business partners directly in your Clevertim without having to review the their business manually and repeatedly.

Note: The CreditCheck business database is focused on companies based in the Czech Republic.

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Company Ltd.
Example showing Dativery in Clevertim . You can add more components from other scenarios aswell.

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Company in Clevertim
Active when you open Company in Clevertim
Company search Uses data from #1
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