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Complex scenario in Seznam Email

Combination of FullContact, Merk and Google Maps for sender in Seznam Email.

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Privacy: Your authentication info needed.
Scenario shows information about sender and other recipients of displayed email messages in Seznam Email. Using name and email address scenario finds information about social networks by FullContact service. Found names of companies or people are used for fetching economic indicators and current contacts (phone numbers, email addresses, websites) from the Merk business database directly beside the records. It is accompanied by the Google map of the surrounding company seat. The Merk business database is focused on companies based in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Connected Applications and Services

Screen preview

Alex Smith
Company, Ltd. CEO
Firma s.r.o. (more on Merk)
Subject is ok
Revenue:1 000 000 – 1 999 999 Kč
Employees:50 – 80 employees
Example showing Dativery in Seznam Email . You can add more components from other scenarios aswell.

How are data collected

Company in Seznam Email
Active when you open Company in Seznam Email
Company search Uses data from #1
Search company in other applications.
Scenario Type: Complex scenario in email client
Developer: {"cs":"Dativery s.r.o.","en":"Dativery s.r.o."}