Merk information in E-Mail

See company's economical information directly in E-Mail.

You can see the basic economic indicators from the Merk business database just next to the email message in E-Mail and get an overview of the sender’s business. In addition to revenue, earnings, or value added, the number of employees indicating the company size are displayed. In the relevant cases there are also present the dates of the company’s establishment or termination, the warning of insolvency proceedings, the VZP debtor warning, the suspension of the business or the liquidation of the company

Economic information from the Merk database allows you to quickly create basic rating of new business partners while reading the first email.

Remember, that Merk business database is focused on companies from Czechia and Slovakia.

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Firma s.r.o. (more on Merk)
Subject is ok
Revenue: 1 000 000 – 1 999 999 Kč
Employees: 50 – 80 employees

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