Firmo information in CRM

See company's economical information directly in CRM.

View the basic economic indicators of Czech companies from the Firmo business database directly beside the CRM records.

In addition to revenue, earnings, or value added, the number of employees indicating the company size is displayed. In the relevant cases, you see the dates of the company’s establishment or termination. Economic information from the Firmo database enables you to quickly create the idea of new business partners.

The Firmo business database is focused on companies based in the Czech Republic.

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Firma s.r.o. (more on Firmo)
Revenue: 9,000,000 thou. Kč
Profit: 9,000 thou. Kč (0%)
Value added: 900,000 thou. Kč (10%)
Assets: 90,000 thou. Kč
Cash flow: 9,000 thou. Kč
Employees: 35
(for year 2018)

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